Enjoy a Massage!

Hot Stone – Couples- Swedish - Intuitive - Deep Tissue

Join one of our amazing therapists for a relaxing therapeutic massage


When some people hear the word massage, they picture wealthy socialites being pampered in expensive froufrou spas. Massage is, of course, a great way to pamper yourself, and incredibly relaxing. However you may be surprised to learn that massage therapy can also help treat and even prevent disease.Any day is a good time to take care of yourself so you can be at your best. Start by getting a relaxing massage with one of our wonderful Massage Let them work the stress out of your body and that of your loved ones.

Our therapists are available by appointment 7 days a week and evenings.

We Make home visits too.
Massage in your home is $85 per hour.
IN THE STUDIO $130. for both.
Please give 24 hours advance notice to prepare a beautiful space for your massage.
Chair Massage is available for neck, shoulder or upper back work. $30. for thirty minutes.

Energy Balancing,
Healing Touch
Massage or Shamanic Energy Healing with Michelle
Energy Healing - Crystal Therapy and Energy Clearing with Ivonne Reiki and Energy Healing with Dixie Norkoli $ 75.00/hour Cindy Greybeal is available for readings, energy balancing and surrender sessions. $75. per hour

Ask us about Body Wraps – Lymphatic Drainage Sessions, Detoxification treatments and special foot massages with Holly.
Spa Finder Gift cards honored (Please add $15. per hour)